Inline skate tour Enkhuizen dike, North-Holland 2001

The route is decribed a small booklet with skate routes in Holland. Unfortunately only in Dutch :"Noord-Holland in-line" ISBN 90-804385-6-1 from TE producties ( It's route number 4 called "De dijk der dijken" which is about 28km long (17.5 miles) It's not a round trip. Once you arrive at Wervershoof (14km), you have to skate back the same route. The asphalt is really smooth and you can enjoy the view across The lake "IJselmeer".

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The beginning of the track
The start of the track.

The tour starts and ends at the old fishing village Enkhuizen. The towns center has a lot of brick roads, so start skating just north of the village at parking place "Enkhuizer Zand". The begining of the path leading to the dike is shown in the picture. It's an easy route and I don't have  a long story to tell, so this time more pictures than words.

After the skate make sure you visit Enkhuizen. There are plenty of nice restaurant and terraces.

The beauty of North Holland (also called West Friesland).

birds Swamp Birds in V-formation
View on the IJselmeer Swamp Plenty of birds.
On top of the dike Bike sign Little harbour
Don't let the hay get stuck in your wheels. A sign of a(very long) bike trail. "Zuiderzee" is the former name of the IJselmeer lake. Back then it was still part of the sea.. Yaght harbour near Kerkbuurt.
On top of the dike Bike sign Little harbour
Some one took "counting sheep" a bit to seriously. Wind, sun and fresh air along the border of the lake. Old lighthouse.

alttekst cu on skates!

Peter Nikkel.



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