Eurocity marathon Frankfurt (Oct. 26th 2003)

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TNS sweeping crew.

As always the weather is difficult to control when you organize a marathon. Last year (2002) at the Eurocity marathon in Frankfurt the weather was really bad and I had to carry lead and a life jacket, so I wouldn't get blown into the river Main by the hurricane that crossed Europe. This year it was cold, but fortunatly the rain had stopped in just time. The road was wet and at some points slippery but near the end a shy sun was on our hand.

Apart from me, Dorien, Erik, Evelien, Germain, Fréderic, Elwin, Martijn and Jan from the Amsterdam Friday Night Skate participated as well. This marathon is very well organized. Runners, wheelers and inline skaters can all enjoy a very good marathon. On Saturday you have to collect your number at Messe Frankfurt. If you are in need of some new gear, you'll have plenty of opportunity to empty your purse at the stands selling everything from power drinks, running shoes to inline skates.

We skipped the big Pasta Party, because Markus and Uta from the Tuesday Night Skate Frankfurt had organized a private pasta party in an Italian restaurant. About a dozen DUSFOR skaters from Düsseldorf also joined the group of 40. A very relaxed way to prepare for the race.

The marathon was not easy due to the slippery corners, but still very nice. Even the fastest skaters took 1:17 to finish. I kept low profile, because this was my first race this year (shame on me) although, I did some workout in Barcelona two weeks earlier. I finished in 1:30 netto.

"Our" Dorien from Amsterdam finished 2nd! Congratulations! Erik 9th. Also Elwin managed to stay within the first 20. After the race the ceremony took place in the big hall in front of a massive crowd.

Enjoy the pictures below :-)

Thank you TNS, cu next time,


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Picking up our numbers.
Markus helping a hand.
Hi Frank, immer dabei :-)
Saki working at the TNS-stand.
Making custom racing boots.
Dusfor skaters at the pasta party at "Mezza Notte".
Dutch skaters taking in carbohydrates.
Preparing myself for the start,
in this dark and cold dungeon.
Pace car for the race.
Frankfurter Messe.
Iron lady?
Sky scrapers am Main.
Not much sun and windy.
Frankfurt sky line.
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Peter Nikkel.