Summary: EuroRoll 2001 Amsterdam visit 9 - 11 August 2001: (click on thumbnail images for enlargements)
By: Peter Nikkel

bonestexas_kl.jpg (8570 bytes)
Bones, me, Tiffany and Jeff at Dam square.

This is a report of the American inline skate invasion in Amsterdam in August 2001.

During my visit to the Liberty skate weekend in New York last June, I heard that a large group of Americans planned to do an inline skate trip to Europe. In July, Jay reminded me that they would arrive with 75 (!!) inline skaters in Amsterdam as part of their EuroRoll 2001 put together and lead by Beverly Hurff of the Philadelphia Landskaters. Since we've had a nice time in New York, we had to give them a warm welcome in Amsterdam. :-)

The EuroRoll 2001 group was a mixture of skaters from Philadelphia Landskaters (, New York
(,, Washington (, and Chicago, Boston, Dallas,
etc.. (I lost the count :-)

hollandusa_kl.jpg (7017 bytes)
Holland - USA skate.

We skated a small tour to Ouderkerk, a small village south of Amsterdam, on Friday in the afternoon. In the evening we did the Friday Night Skate of course :-). On Saturday, in contrast with the city tour, we skated through Waterland, a very nice region just north of Amsterdam.



Full report: (click on thumbnail images for enlargements)
Thursday August 9th.

While we are experiencing a very good summer in Holland this year, (at the time of this writing it's 30 degrees
Celsius (86 Fahrenheit)) the week of the visit was one of the worst weeks as far as the weather was concerned. On the
thursday of their arrival it rained (18C/64Fa). We canceled the skate in the evening, so our friends could stay in and
sleep away their jetlag.


Friday August 10th: Ouderkerk and Friday Night Skate.
jayhall_kl.jpg (7304 bytes)
Jay in the lobby of the hotel
verzameldam_kl.jpg (9486 bytes)
Preparing for the skate

While still at work in the morning, the rain poored down severly, but I had still some faith in the weather forecast: "sunny and dry in the afternoon". And they were right: at 12:30 I got on my skates and moved to the Krasnapolsky Hotel at Dam square.
A very nice five star hotel, but one of the worst places in Amsterdam to start a skate! You can hardly walk on the coble stones, a skaters hell.

dammonu_kl.jpg (6846 bytes)
Start at the monument at Dam square.
damstraat_kl.jpg (8173 bytes)
A very crowded Damstreet
closupbrug_kl.jpg (9712 bytes)
Safety first. Helmets everywhere.

We all gathered in the lobby of the hotel and as more and more skaters put on their gear, the hotel staff became a bit nerveous. Have you ever seen a speed skater going through the lobby? Finally they asked if we could proceed outside :-)

Mark Westbeek, one of the Friday Night Skate blockers who works out the routes, had made a special trip for us to Ouderkerk, just south of Amsterdam. Guiding about 70 skaters through the traffic without blockers is not easy. At some points the pack streched out over 200 meters (600 yards). I was sweeping at the back and occasionally I had to use my cell phone to call Mark at the front and ask him to wait up, because someone got injured, someone repaired his skates, or jumped into a store to buy something (no offence Bones ;-).

In Amstelveen, Michael, Maaike and Aart joined us. Michael gave our guests some explanations about the history of some landmarks. The old windmill at the river Amstel was a hit. I never seen so many cameras. Loads of films and memory sticks were consumed.

After a short rest in Ouderkerk, we returned to Amsterdam for a snack at the Vondeltuin in the Vondelpark.

gidsmark_kl.jpg (7300 bytes)
Mark is guiding the pack.
naarmolen_kl.jpg (8495 bytes)
Windmill spotted!
molen_kl.jpg (6124 bytes)
Old windmill near the Amstel river.

At 20:30 we started the Friday Night Skate (FNS). Mark had put together a very nice city tour 23km (14 miles) pure Amsterdam skating. Wide streets, smal bridges, the Rijksmuseum, we had it all. One member of the Flying Nurses (, shot several pics of this FNS:

wegversmal_kl.jpg (6822 bytes)
Skating along the Amstel river..
amsterdam_kl.jpg (7893 bytes)
Ok, a bit unsharp, but still evidence of your Amsterdam skate.
blockerjay_kl.jpg (6188 bytes)
Jay as a guest blocker at the Friday Night Skate

Saturday August 11th: Waterland skate tour.

beginwaterland_kl.jpg (6286 bytes)
Entering Waterland.
windmolennew_k.jpg (4194 bytes)
Modern windmill

We had to get out of bed early for the Waterland-tour. At about 11:00 am we started at Dam square and skated in two groups to the Schellingwouder-bridge. Erik lead the first group. Other FNS blockers who helped guiding were Michael, Maaike, Bob, Sabine en David. The group was about 45 skaters big, including two Russians who we met during the FNS: Ilya and his father. The other Americans were exploring the city (coffee shops maybe ;-)

At the bridge the two groups joined and together we entered Waterland just north of Amsterdam. In the countryside some skaters started to take pictures of everything they saw, even cows and sheep. "Wow what a big cow".:-)

dijk1_kl.jpg (5187 bytes)
Racing across the dike
dijk2_kl.jpg (5378 bytes)
along the IJselmeer
dijk3_kl.jpg (5716 bytes)
with 45 skaters!


gidsmichael_kl.jpg (6348 bytes)
Above:Michael explaining.

Below: narrow path.

ijselmeer_kl.jpg (5690 bytes)
russianilya_kl.jpg (5530 bytes)
Above: Ilya from Moscow

Below: "inline" skating :-)

rondedijk_kl.jpg (5081 bytes)

The weather gods were with us. It stayed dry and our guests were treated on a typical Dutch wind. We skated all the way up to to Marken across the dike along the IJselmeer (a big lake). Michael told them all about winning land back from the sea, dikes and polders. We also treated them on typical Dutch Stroopwafels.

In Marken and old fishersman village, we had lunch at the little harbour and even enjoyed the sun. Almost half the group took the bus back to Amsterdam, because on our way back we had headwind. Still for some skaters, the skate back was heavy. In Amsterdam we took the ferry to the back of the Central Station and via the Nieuwmarkt we got back at the hotel.


taanderij_kl.jpg (9437 bytes) peterlucia_kl.jpg (8466 bytes) havenmarken_kl.jpg (7847 bytes)
Relaxing in Marken Lucia and me. Harbour of Marken.

For the evening Cathelijne had arranged a dinner in Restarant Amsterdam ( And after that party-time in the Arena disco. Lower floor 70's and 80's music, and upper floor house, and similar styles. I have no idea how late we ended :-).

trapaf_kl.jpg (7675 bytes)
Ok. Dutch cycle track may seem a bit odd.
kerkje_kl.jpg (8118 bytes)
Zuiderwoude village.
tiffanywheels_kl.jpg (9414 bytes)
Time for a break!
laatstebrug_kl.jpg (8659 bytes)
Nice "ophaalbruggetje".
kopmanerik_kl.jpg (6558 bytes)
Erik leading us back to Amsterdam.
bootnaarcs_kl.jpg (7995 bytes)
On the ferry to Central Station


Sunday August 12th: Next stop Frankfurt.

On Sunday the 12th the Americans left our country again to do the Tuesday Night Skate in Frankfurt (Germany) and later
Berlin. Just in time because it started raining again.:-(

Many thanks to the Dutch skaters who helped to guide our guests. Also many thanks to all the American
skaters for their pleasant company, their enthusiasm, and the fun we had :-)

You're welcome any time! And we will surely visit your cities in the future.

hostpeter_kl.jpg (6953 bytes) Till our skates meet again!

Peter Nikkel.


Friday Night Skate (

Philadelphia Landskaters: (
New York: