Skating Euroroll 2005 in Brussels Aug. 5-7th 2005
Euroroll keeps on rolling and in 2005, Brussels and Paris were on the menu. For if you haven't browsed other reports on my web site. Euroroll is a group of skaters from several cities in the United States who visit Europe every year to skate one or two cities and join local group skates. This year I joined them in Brussels.

Two Euroroll skate fanatics arrived in Amsterdam instead of Brussels, to join the Friday Night Skate. Or was it the beer and something to smoke? ;-) However, it was running late and the weather wasn't to promising, so Jay, Steve, Erik (FNS) and I skipped the FNS and went out to eat something at the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam. On Saturday we drove to Brussels to catch up with the rest of the group. Of course the Belgium beer had to be tested first. This provided sufficient fuel to skate the city. The group had already run into Carl, a Swedish skater living in Brussels, and he offered to guide a skate tour. Also, we had company from Elizabeth, from Germany.

When we got on our skates, it started raining a bit, but this didn't stop us. Rain and cobble stones can be a deadly combination, so necessary caution was taken. Apart from the beer, Belgium is also know for it's many comic book writers and this can be noticed by the paintings on the sides of buildings throughout the city. So a nice alternative to the Philly mural skate. Carl and Doug lead us through the neighbourhoods where the rich people are living, the University campus and a beautifull park: Bois de la Cambre. Here we skated around the lake end enjoyed the sun again. After some refreshments on at a café we got back at the hotel in the centre. Erutoroll continued to Paris, and I went back to Amsterdam.

I was glad to see that the pavement was generally good, as opposed to my Brussels marathon experience one year earlier. Also nice to have met my US-skating friends again.

Many thanks to the Eurorollers for their good company, Peter.

MOVIE: Euroroll 2005 skating Brussels 4 min. 38  42MB

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Jay and Erik drinking Belgium beer in Amsterdam.
Carlijne and Steve.
On our way to the hotel, we visited the Royal Palace. (no pics allowed inside)
Steve, Jay and Remko (a friend of mine who lives in Brussels.
Steve taking a closer look at "Manneke Pis"
And here is the little guy himself.
We winded up in some kind of march.
Tall Puppets,
Belgium police woman :-)
Meeting the other Eurorollers on a terrace: Sint Goriksplein.
Jay drinking Belgium beer in Belgium :-)
Steve, Carol and Andrew.
Carl, Bones, Mary, Tim.
And as always present at Euroroll: Julie
Maureen, Richard and Joe
Elizabeth from Germany and Andrew from DC.
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Peter Nikkel.