Skate Fresh: the making of. (March -April 2006)
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In the early months of 2006 we were exploring new routes for the Skate Fresh 2006 edition. We were not so lucky with the weather. It has been cold longer than usual. Also, at some days we had to fight against the wind, which can be pretty strong in Holland. In an earlier report on this site you can see that we went out in freezing cold. Well that didn't change much until recently.

On the other hand this type of season has it's advantages too: the flower beds are late, so chances are that participants of Skate Fresh get to see more of their splendid colors. Last year, most of the flowers were already gone due to high temperatures in March and April.

At one point in the route, we will have to cross a wide river with a ferry which we arranged especially on the day Skate Fresh arrives. However the land next to the river is still flooded (see pic. below), so we can't get to the ferry using the road (bring bathing suits ;-). The water level has to fall one meter!

The Skate Fresh team organized a teambuilding weekend for the staff to discuss planning and remaining tasks to do. Of course we used the occasion to work out, so we will all be fit enough to guide the eager participants!

On april 21st I did a check on the flower beds and these are looking good. I guess there will be plenty to see when Skate Fresh arrives in this part of Holland.

Have a look at the pictures of our explorations in March and April and let's hope the weather conditions wil be much more favourable in May (as it usally is).


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March 12th. Skating really fresh!
Fortunately the sun helped us out.
Hopefully we won't have to dress this warm in may.
Me keeping my head warm :-)
Making decisions about the route.
Skating the dikes.
March 26th: checking route 5, The flower stage.
Nothing yet: no flowers.
Empty flower beds.
Protection from the cold.
Bart and Astrid, the fittest skaters among us.
We're not the only ones enjoying the beautiful weather,
Attention, we are going left.
Through the Dutch mountains.
It's a bit foggy and cold here.
Taking a break.
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Peter Nikkel.