Philly Freedom Skate (June 28th-30th 2002)

In 2001 about 75 skaters visited Amsterdam on their Euroroll trip organized by Beverly Hurf. They told me that I had to come to the Philly Freedom skate organized by the Landskaters. In 2002 I combined a trip to New York and Philadelphia. It turned out in a wonderful skate happening, with participants from 18 states! Ontario, San Diego, New York, Pitsburg, Dallas, Miami, Washington and many others were present.

After the welcoming and registration on Friday, the first skate started. We skated through Philadelphia and went up the Big Hill, from which you have a great view on the city. We even skated through underground parking garages and subway stations. I don't have much pictures of this skate, but have a look at the video for an impression. The night ended with a block party outside.

Saturday morning we did the "Mural Skate". A nice skate through Philadelphia along "murals". These are very impressive wall paintings on large buildings and houses. True pieces of art. Never did I see so many as in Philly! Mid-day, we relaxed at the hotel pool. Very welcome on this hot day. Later we boarded the Septa train for the second skate. The train took us outside the city and we skated back to Philly through nice villages and suburbs including magnificent downhills. The day ended with dinner and dancing at Katmandu restaurant. although.. most of us partied on at the numerous room parties throughout the hotel. A small group left one of the parties to skate naked around the buiding :-)

Sunday, "hangover day", was a relaxed morning skate through the city ending in a pool party at the fountains. at noon most skaters checked out to get back home again.

A very nice skate weekend. Thanks a lot Landskaters! I had a really good time!

Freedom Skate Philadelphia Opening  4 min.57 (35MB)
Freedom Skate Philadelphia Mural Skate  3 min.16 (23MB)
Freedom Skate Philadelphia Septa Skate  4 min.57 (35MB)


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Welcoming committee and registration.
Meeting old friends again.
View on Philly from "The Big Hill"
Jesse, me and Marcia.
Friday block party: Linda and Lucia.
Delia and Lucia
IMG_1493.JPG Blake and Daniel.
Everybody is having a good time. Hi Brian.
The NYC-group: Barry, Josh, Darcia and Lucia.
Beverly and friends.
Blake entertaining the crowd in the lobby.
Saturday morning.
Getting ready for the Mural Skate.
Philly, hot and sunny again.
Blockers meeting.
Getting directions about the Mural Skate.
Hi Emily from WAR.
The water truck stayed close to the group.
Bones, who I met in Holland at Euroroll 2001
Heading off to the murals.
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Peter Nikkel.