KlavertjeVier, Traditional Dutch inline skate tour (may 31st 2008).

Each year, Skateshop Mijnten organizes an inline skate tour called "KlavertjeVier" (four foiled clover). Four tours which connect together at the skateshop which is located on a farm. These routes will guide you through a beautiful landscape in the middle of Holland. It is a quiet region where you can skate on the roads and on bicycle tracks without having to stop four traffic lights, or get disturbed by lots of cars. Several skaters from the Amsterdam Friday Night Skate came to this event. I took a few pictures of the tour with Angelika, Marion, Marlijn, Joris, Peter, Lucinda and Jennifer. We started off with the 42km route which we skated at a moderate pace and enjoyed the scenery and a relaxed break. At Mijnten we took a rest and had some delicious "Poffertjes", a kind of mini pancakes. But then it started to rain and we decide to skip the other tours.

This years routes were 22km, 39km, 23km, 42km. You skate at your own pace. You can follow the signs which they've put into place, or skate by the maps provided. Some skaters start early and do all four of these routes.

Maybe till next year :-)


Marlijn and Peter at the start.
Marion, Angelika, Lucinda, Jennifer, Joris.
Of course: what is a Dutch landscape without a windmill?
Skating on a small track through a forest.
Lunch time.
And on we go again.
Joris, Marlijn and Jennifer.
Gaining more speed, looking more seriously :-)
Jennifer and Peter.
Straight ahead.
At the finish: Dutch "Poffertjes" (mini pancake like stuff)
Peter Nikkel