Freestyle slalom workshop in Holland by Naomi Grigg. (may 15-16th 2004)
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Wout, the webmaster of had learned about Naomi Grigg giving freestyle slalom workshops in the UK. He wanted to sign up for one of the workshops in London, but Naomi thought it would be fun to come over to Holland and do the workshop here. Wout posted a message on his website and within a few days he was able to fill up two classes, ten skaters each. In the weekend of 15-16th of May there was one class in the mornings and one in the afternoons. Some skaters came from the other side of the country like Feddo from Nijmegen and even Joe from Antwerp Belgium.

The weather was excellent and most of us got a bit fried in the sun. This made the location in Zandvoort, 100 meters from the beach a superb spot.

Also excellent was our instructor Naomi. Patiently she explained the moves. Some picked up the slalom more easily than others, but everyone improved a lot by the end of the weekend. The guys from the morning sessions continued practising the rest of the day as well. Some other skaters stopped by to look at us and   were impressed by what we did. Grapevine, Barrel roll, the Crazy, the Italien, Chap chap, Criss-Cross, Mabrouk, etc.

First group Naomi workshop video 1 min.08 (8MB)
Grapevine practise 26 sec (3MB)
Me practising slalom combination 26 sec (3MB)
Two cone crazy by Peter and Wout 9 sec (1MB)
Afternoon (girls) group 1 min.18 (9MB)

Many thanks to Naomi for teaching us!

Londonskaters interview with Naomi
Naomi Grigg's homepage

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Wout preparing his skates.
Naomi still asleep suffering a NYC jetlag. :-)
Marco and Dirk
Naomi woke up and kicked off the workshop :-)
Making us sweat around the cones. Paul in the front.
Naomi and Joe from Antwerp Belgium.
Joe (l) and Dirk (r) practising.
The webmaster balancing.
IMG_8030.JPG doing business :-)
Naomi explaining.
The afternoon (girls) group.
IMG_8046.JPG captured by another camera :-)
Anna and Germaine practising.
From a different angle.
Naomi 2 doing her line of cones.
I wrecked my bearings.
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Peter Nikkel.