Skate Fresh Holland day 4 (may 14th 2005)
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Fast Group at the windmill in Amstelveen.
Some skating friends in Holland decided to organize a five day skating tour in the western part of Holland. The result is Skate Fresh, a non profit initiative to bring to gether skaters from all over the world to enjoy inline skating and have tons of fun.

Skate Fresh took place from may 11th till may 15th 2005. Unfortunately I couldn't free myself from work the first days, so I guided the weekend only. Skaters from 15 countries joined the group. Some of whom I only knew through email or their personal websites.

Unfortunately the weather was not so good. At night it was freezing cold. Very unusual for this time of the year. During the day the sun appeared and we were lucky that it stayed dry. First i took off with Astrids group to shoot some pictures. They kept a good pace, even chasing some cyclists :-) After lunch I drop to group three (Group two had there lunch somewhere else, so I missed them). Later I had to dropped back to group four to shoot pictures of them, when Wout asked me to take over group two, because of his bad ancle. so I had to race to the front again.

We had a great day of skating and socializing. the finish was the campsite on a tiny island called Kaag-eiland, near to the city of Leiden. After sunset we stayed warm at the fire place (and the beer).

Thank every body for a wonderfull time,


This report covers Saturday only, When I find more time, I will put Friday and Sunday online as well. Also I will add links to other skaters hompages. Checkout the video as well.


MOVIE: Skate Fesh 2005 day 4, 7min 36 sec. (48MB)

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Base camp Skate Fresh
Checking out todays program.
Grab some last food.
Bart, loading the truck.
Guide Peter.
Dierk, praying or..?
The London team.
Franklin from Norway, used to the cold temperatures?
Antje from TNS-Frankfurt.
Edda warming up in the sun.
Ruth and Dela folding their tent.
Dirk and Olivia, the youngest participant.
Daily award cermony.
Who will be winning?
You'll have to watch the video for that :-)
I couln't switch between video and stills that fast.
Astrid leading the fast group.
Skating between the Amsterdam high rises.
"Klunen" accross construction works.
The tallest building in Amsterdam.
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Peter Nikkel.